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Liberty City Police Department
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Liberty City Police Department — Portland Bureau

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The Portland Bureau is one of the oldest and largest divisions of the Liberty City Police Department, covering a total of eight neighbourhoods over two districts. The division originally began in 1889 as part of the original Portland County Sheriff's Office prior to the incorporation of Portland County into the City in 1923.

The bureau has since grown to provide employment for over 400 staff and has developed one of the most highly regarded gang invention programs in the country. Due to its size, the bureau also provides training and field support for other districts in the city as well as the Shoreside County Sheriff's Department, Liberty City Port Authority, and Liberty State Highway Patrol.

Recruitment drives currently operate on a bimonthly basis with the bureau accepting some 80 new recruits every year.
ImagePortland Bureau jurisdiction map

Image Offices

Portland Bureau Field Office
1200 Bushwick Ave, Portland View, Portland, Liberty City

Image Meet our Team
Captain James O. Corcoran
Field Operations Lead
Detective Bureau Lead
Lieutenant David M. O'Hara
Special Operations Lead

Image Bureaus

Patrol Services
  • Field Patrol
  • Community Outreach
  • Administrative Services
    • Licensing
    • Fines
    • Parole
Detective Bureau
  • Robbery & Homicide
  • Gang & Narcotics
  • Juvenile Division
Special Operations Bureau
  • Major Crimes
  • Air Support
  • Emergency Services Unit
    • A Platoon — Special Weapons & Tactics
    • B Platoon — Crime Suppression
Personnel Bureau
  • Applicant Processing
  • Transfer Administration

Image Recruitment
For recruitment guidelines and forms, please visit our recruitment sub-site.

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